From the Start
(2015) orchestra - 5' - Listen
  Commissioned by a Faculty Arts Initiative Grant from Rice University written for Larry Rachleff and the Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra as part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Shepherd School.

(2009) chamber orchestra - 7’ - Listen
  Written for Larry Rachleff and the Shepherd School Chamber Orchestra
First performed by them April 16, 2009, Stude Hall, Houston, Texas

Clarinet Concerto
(2005) clarinet and orchestra – 25’
Mvmt 1 - Mvmt 2 - Mvmt 3

  Commissioned by the Houston Symphony Orchestra with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts
First performed May 14, 15, and 16, 2005, David Peck, clarinet, the Houston Symphony Orchestra, Hans Graf, conductor, Jones Hall, Houston, Texas

Braeswood Serenade
(2002) chamber orchestra – 12’ - Listen
  Commissioned by the Houston Jewish Community Center Foundation
First performed by the Musica Nova Ensemble, Leonti Wolf, conductor,
October 9, 2002, Tel Aviv, Israel, as part of the Tempus Fugit Festival at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
(2001) – 21’
  written for Janna Lower

Look, See
(1992) orchestra – 7’ - Listen
  Recorded by The Slovak Radio Orchestra, Robert Black, conductor,
June 19, 1993, Bratislava, Slovakia
Released on MMC 2025, June, 1997

(1990) chamber orchestra – 15’ - Listen
  First performed by the Shepherd School Chamber Orchestra, Michael Webster,                     conductor, Stude Concert Hall, March 26, 1998

(1988) orchestra – 10’
  Commissioned by The Houston Symphony Orchestra
First performed by the Houston Symphony, Gisele Ben-Dor, conductor, June 28, 1988, Miller Theater, Houston, Texas

(1982) orchestra – 18’

First performed by The Houston Symphony Orchestra, Toshiro Shimada, conductor, September 30, 1986, Jones Hall, Houston, Texas