Rhapsody "taking flight"
(2017) violin and piano


Commissioned by Jade Presents + The Arts Partnership and Lake Region Council (Minnesota); premiered by Sonja Harasim and Andrew Staupe, Moorhead, Minnesota, September 1, 2017.

…only a number
(2017) solo double bass


Written to celebrate the 75th birthday of Paul Ellison; published by the International Bass Society.

(2015) 2 guitars
I - ya viene II - ani muni III - roza linda


Commissioned by the Evelyn Rubinstein Jewish Community Center; first performed by Marc Garvin and Marc Rosenberg, October 11, 2015, Kaplan Theater, Houston, Texas, as part of the 2nd Jewish Roots, Latin Groove concert.

String Quintet: Afterimages
(2012) 2 violins, 2 violas, cello – 25’


Written for the Quatour Diotima and James Dunham
First performed April 9, 2013 at the Menil Collection, Houston, Texas, presented by Da Camera of Houston

String Quintet: thoughts fly
(2008) 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos – 25’


Written for the Chiara Quartet and Norman Fischer
First performed April 7, 2009 at the Menil Collection, Houston, Texas, presented by Da Camera of Houston
Podcast on Da Camera and KUHF websites
Podcast featuring an excerpt from the April 2009 concert by the Chiara String Quartet

String trio
(2007) violin, viola, and cello – 12’ - Listen


Commissioned by the Concordia Trio
First performed February 5, 2008, Columbia, Missouri

Rhapsody (at the center, stillness)
(2006) viola and piano – 12’ - Listen


Commissioned by Texas Christian University as part of its “Chamber Music Roundup” for Misha Galaganov and John Owings
First performed January 7, 2008, Pepsico Theater, Fort Worth, Texas

Piano Trio
(2006) violin, cello, and piano – 17’


Written for the Pacific Trio
First performed by Kenneth Goldsmith, violin, Norman Fischer, cello, and Jeanne Kierman, piano, April 1, 2008, Duncan Recital Hall, Houston, Texas

String Quartet
(1996) – 22’ - Powerful - Gentle - Smooth


Written for the Sun String Quartet
First performed by them November 2, 1997, Chico, California

Balancing Act
(1993) violin and piano – 10’


Commissioned and premiered by Kenneth Goldsmith and Jo Anne Ritacca
First performed September 11, 1993, Duncan Recital Hall, Houston, Texas

Memory's Motion
(1990) cello and piano – 18’ - Listen


Written for and premiered by the Fischer Duo
First performed January 12, 1991, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Recorded by the Fischer Duo, December 10, 1998, Houston, Texas, on “New Music from Rice” CD, released June 2000

(1988) solo violin – 8’


Written for Janna Lower
First performed March 22, 1989, Bonner Recital Hall, Houston, Texas

Conversation Pieces
(1988) violin and viola – 13’


Commissioned and premiered by Duo Patterson
First performed May 3, 1988, Hamman Hall, Houston, Texas